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PO-80 Record Factory

PO-80 record factory is a compact and portable record cutter, made by Teenage Engineering in collaboration with Yuri Suzuki. It lets you engrave and playback 5-inch records with ultra-analog lo-fi sound, simply plug in any audio device to the 3.5 mm audio input and cut your own record in an instant. Yep, it is really that simple. The kit includes everything to assemble it yourself, all you need to do is add your tracks. The PO-80 includes both a tonearm that can play back five-inch or seven-inch (with an adapter) vinyl records as well as a cutting arm with a replaceable stylus that can engrave three minutes of glorious monophonic sound (at 45RPM) or four minutes of lower quality audio (at 33RPM) onto a five-inch vinyl disc.

The USB-powered PO-80 includes a built-in speaker, an extra cutting stylus, six blank five-inch vinyl records, and a 3.5-millimeter audio plug for connecting an audio source like a Pocket Operator synth. A number of additional accessories are also available from Teenage Engineering, such as a carrying case, replacement stylus, and a 10-pack of blank records.

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