I developed the integrated triangle approach many years ago now – initially applied in the business context as a system of internal coaching (or workplace championing) and more recently in the creative sound context as improvised music, in various forms.

Welcome to the world of co-operation, team development, inspirational sounds and holistic thinking. Key into the various sections above, to find the range of opportunities on offer!

Introducing Chris Sangster  –

I’m now based in Liss, Hampshire, where I divide my time between a range of activities, including writing, music, workshop facilitation, meditative practice and personal development.

I’ve been involved in education and business training in various shapes and forms throughout my working life. Business-related work experience has included –

  • school teacher & college lecturer
  • educational technology adviser
  • in-service training centre manager
  • senior consultant with London-based consultancy
  • international training manager – Brussels-based
  • e-learning design consultant
  • self-employed training and development consultant
  • author of several business books and articles

Other business-related activities have included a part-time massage therapy practice (ITEC qualified), which also included the manufacture of massage tables, five years chairmanship of a community association tasked with project managing the construction of a community centre, owning/managing a holiday cottage business in the Scottish highlands and selectively breeding a five generation flock of pure blackface sheep.

I’ve written a range of books supporting my Integrated Triangle model for workplace championing – see The Books pages for details of these –  Growing Workplace Champions, examines the development of the team of champions, but also covers the related individual development and organisational aspects, so is the best book to read for an overall insight into the model. This relies on an atmosphere of co-operation throughout an organisation, from the top down …….. so the working atmosphere needs to be right! Perhaps this is an idea whose appropriate time has yet to come. Buy the book now and keep it for the next generation of business thinking!!

My most recent book –  “Now we’re Coping” – considers holistic responses to a wide range of crisis situations, applying a wealth of life, business-related and spiritual strategies. To quote the publisher – “Behind [the thinking] is a deep philosophy which translates most often in this book as mindfulness but Chris is also strong on music and sound as routes to healing”. See details on Amazon and in the Books section.

I’m always happy to discuss general implementation support with particular individuals and organisations – and can also offer relevant workshops – see Workshops page.

More recently, I’ve become involved in improvised sound, used both for group fun sessions, as part of team building and in meditative sound baths. I’m rapidly building a collection of relevant instruments, which can be used in these various activities – I’ve studied and practised under a range of specialist tutors and share many of the activities (as “Sounds Inspirational”) with my partner Jackie.

I offer sound therapy sessions (on a donations basis) privately – and will progressively offer these in a range of locations. I apply a range of sounds, including gongs, bowls, Solfeggio tubes, tuning forks, flute and shamanic drum ……. selected to meet each individual intervention/response, based on initial consultation and personal chakra energy dowsing. Please contact me to discuss this, if interested.

This overall sound involvement is described in greater detail in the Sounds Inspirational page.

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