1to1 Sound Therapy

Chris offers one to one sound therapy sessions at Chapter House, Liss (near Petersfield) and at Bosham House, Bosham (near Chichester). He is also happy to discuss the possibility of home visits.

Sound therapy is based on the belief that sound vibrations can positively affect the wellbeing of the body, if offered in response to initial energy balance analysis, leading to intuitive and informed action and on-going interaction between therapist and patient/receiver. It applies a range of instruments, including gongs, Tibetan and crystal bowls, tuning forks and Solfeggio tubes, plus a selection of other instruments identified in consultation with the patient/receiver prior to the start of the therapy session.

Each session is conducted with you, the patient/receiver, lying on a therapy couch. It is suggested that you wear loose clothing, for comfort. After an initial assessment (including chakra balance dousing and sound instrument selection), you will experience a range of sound vibrations, designed intuitively in response to the earlier analysis, to create a relaxing and healing state.

The Treatment

The sound treatment is effected over the full length of the body, using the previously-described instruments positioned around the therapy couch treatment area.  Agreed additional instruments will be played over specific areas of the body, where these have been identified as requiring additional vibrational focus.


Binaural beat frequencies will often be created when beaten instruments (such as the gongs, bowls and tubes) are used – encouraging the relaxed (Theta) state, conducive to rest and meditation.


The total session normally lasts one hour, with up to 15 minutes for the initial assessment, 30 – 40 minutes for the actual sound therapy session and around 10 minutes for final consolidation/recovery. Currently, the cost for the hour-long session is £30 at Chapter House and £40 at Bosham House.

Home visits (within a 20 mile radius around Liss/Petersfield), with an extended treatment time of up to 75 minutes, are costed at £50.

Fully insured through Balens (Insurance Brokers)

Chris is also qualified/insured for holistic massage and life coaching.

To discuss details, please call Chris on 01730 891280

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