Sounds Inspirational

Fun with Sound

I’ve collected a wide range of instruments from around the world. These have the overlying feature that they can be played together to create improvised music. In various sound workshops, I use these to encourage groups of people to experience the immense satisfaction of simple music making. These activities are set out in the Workshops section.

In a more formalised way, we can also run workshops within businesses and organisations, to develop team cohesion. (see Workshops section).

Our activities work under the banner title of  –  SOUNDS INSPIRATIONAL

The instruments are subdividing into rhythm  – drums and other percussion (which can be played by anyone, given a simple beat to follow). Others are tuned, which give the overlying melody to develop the music as the group activity progresses.


Some of these require a slightly greater degree of musicianship – but the overall stance of these Sounds Inspirational activities is that enjoyment of making music is open to all.

Sounds Inspirational works through both participating in playing instruments and developing simple performance pieces, or more directly through meditative “sound baths”.

With my partner Jackie Winsor, we facilitate these sound baths for small groups, creating a deeply relaxed  atmosphere to encourage participants to reach enhanced meditative states. We’ve both been involved in meditation for many years. For the sound baths, we use a range of musical instruments including Freenotes, Glockenspiel, Chinese Moon gong, Sansula, Shamanic and other drums, Tubular chimes and Native American Indian flutes. These combine in an intuitive programme – we have developed a range of these following different themes.

We will be happy to provide a range of tailored activities for groups of people, from business team development to private meditation groups. Contact Chris to discuss requirements.

See also the WORKSHOPS section, to read further details of these sounding activities.



As an extension of the integrated triangle in the business championing/coaching context, we have a similar application in the structuring of sound activities. In place of Individual, Champion and Support, we have :


Solo: instrument taking the lead.

Rhythm: instruments giving the beat

Backing Support: percussion instruments.

The associated instruments subdivide to fit best with these differing activities (although there can obviously be overlap of use). So we could get solo instruments, such as flute, freenotes, glockenspiel, ocarina and  voice; rhythm instruments, such as drum, gong and guitar and percussion support, which might include various drums, rattles, tambourine, cymbal, singing bowl and other similar instruments. In workshops, we explore the differing roles of these three elements – as well as their important inter-relationships in the creation of the overall, harmonious sound. Thus, we have:

SOLO : The empowered individual

RHYTHM : co-operative working together

SUPPORT : altruistic assistance/service

This could be taken to represent the sound triangle from a personal development angle.

To extend the image further, we have what might be termed the Universal Triangle, with energies coming downwards from a higher source. The three sound influences here could be taken as:


WEST : various drums, stringed instruments etc

EAST : bells, gongs, gamelan, bowls etc

PERSONAL : individual solo instruments )

Put this together as a six pointed star and we have :

I can discuss the importance of these star inter-relationships in my harmony of sound model during appropriate sound workshops.

See the Workshops page for further details, or contact me directly if you would like to discuss the content and applications. See also the Blog page for details of any forthcoming public events.

Explorations in verse & beyond

I’ve been writing poetry for many years now – from “business poems” which I use to inject some humour into the study of particular aspects of business – to creative poetry on a wide range of subjects, which I perform regularly at the Write Angle Poetry Cabaret in Petersfield – and other poetry club venues. A range of my poetry is published in my book “Now we’re Coping”.

You can hear examples of my poetry on YouTube – log in to “Chris Sangster” on You Tube, or try some of these links.

Chris Sangster reading ‘Ring of Brodgar’ & ‘Waking Up At Stenness’ at Petersfield Write Angle poetry performance cabaret, Upstairs at The Square Brewery – June 2010

I’m available to perform readings from my folio of poetry – and can also run workshops with individuals and groups to develop their own poetry creatively (I’m a qualified teacher, with degree level English).

As well as my poetry and writing on business matters, I’ve also written self development and inspirational books and am currently working on a novel.

My first “spirituality in business” novel (Finding the Champion within) is e-published on this website, for download. (See “The Books” page) Check out the Contents Pages of this e-book – it covers a very wide range of fascinating subject areas. Perhaps it will encourage you try one or two refreshingly new activities!

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