The Books

Printed Books

I’ve written a range of published books since the year 2000. Based on the corners of the Integrated Triangle, three of the books each focus on one specific area

personal Development Support
Planning and Organising Personal and Professional Development

Published 2000 – Gower

brillian Individual/Self Development
Brilliant Future

Published 2002 – Prentice Hall

workplac Workplace Championing
Growing Workplace Champions

Published 2007 – Studymate Professional

Details of these and the other books written by Chris can be accessed by entering –
searching under BOOKS and specifying “Chris Sangster”
This will give you details, prices, availability – and access to sample pages.
The two book set – Messages and Echoes (see below) is available directly from Chris, at a reduced cost of £6.50 incl p & p.

As the most recently-published business book, Growing Workplace Champions gives the broadest picture of the application of the model overall – and is recommended as the most current, definitive guide to introducing the Integrated Triangle approach.

Brilliant Future is now offered by Prentice Hall as a POD (Print on Demand) edition – with identical content but a different cover. I would advise anyone wishing to buy a copy of this book in its fully original form to purchase second hand, through Amazon suppliers.

I D Plan

Brilliant Future also includes the templates for I D Plan, a personal development planning system I designed – they appear at the end of the book. You’re welcome to photocopy these for use.

This planning system provides a range of templates to encourage the individual learner to consider strengths, shortfalls and priorities. It also offers check-questions to empower the learner to select preferred strategies, resources … and indeed identify possible supporting champions.

Be selective when using the system – only use the formats which are relevant to you, rather than trying to use them all and then complaining because some of them are not considered to be totally relevant! Better still, adapt the ideas to suit your own priorities ……… it’s YOUR Brilliant Future, after all!

Part 4 in Brilliant Future considers each format in detail and explains its application – read that if you’re thinking of applying the system, to help you select those which are most relevant to your particular needs and priorities.

Downshifting and Relocation

downshif Jointly with my late wife Gillean, we applied my personal development ideas along with the range of experiences in relocation, self employment & house purchase and renovation to produce this very readable and useful book. Further details can be found by accessing, selecting BOOKS and keying in “Downshifter’s Guide to Relocation”.This book gives lots of helpful hints – and devotes a chapter to our experiences in downshifting from London to Wiltshire and then to Scotland. Since publishing, I’ve downshifted – and downsized – once more to Hampshire, with additional experiences.

I’m also available as an inspirational speaker, with my major topic based on these lifestyle and self development experiences and the inspirational content of the two books –

Messages from the Mountains and Echoes in the Atrium

messages echoes_i Messages from the Mountains/Echoes in the Atrium A two book set of inspirational sayings and poetry, with supporting text, which consider the application of holistic thinking in balancing aspects of life and work. Available directly from Chris for the special price of £6.50 for the 2-book set. (incl. postage) Cheques made payable to “Chris Sangster

Holistic strategies for difficult times –

Now we’re Coping

NWCCoverThis book combines spiritually-based exercises with real-life and business-referenced experiences – and considers a wide range of techniques, applications and philosophies to face the many types of crises which we can experience in Life today.

It’s based on a belief that a focus on the present, alongside a positive future strategy (as mindfulness), helps each individual better cope with the “stinging nettles” of life. The latter chapters apply a range of philosophical and spiritual considerations, to give the reader food for thought along the development path.

Further details can be accessed on , by keying in “Now we’re Coping, Chris Sangster” in the Books section.


e-book – Freeing the Champion Within

This e-book for download gives insight into the spiritual and developmental growth of our hero “Harry”, based largely on my personal experiences. It gives overview insights into a wide range of both business and more esoteric experiences – and is probably best summed up by the Foreword, which is reproduced below.

“This is a story of self discovery, development and progress. Beyond that, it’s hard to define specifically – it charts one man’s path towards personal enlightenment but in a consciously-chosen downbeat, non-esoteric manner. It considers a whole range of development techniques – but more at an overview level to tempt further investigation, rather than in a detailed, how-to-do way. It reviews the applications of holistic and altruistic thinking within a business atmosphere – but is far removed from a standard, business management tome. It explores a whole range of “alternative” experiences for consideration – without trying to force anyone to think anything they aren’t open to consider. It is based almost entirely upon elements of the author’s direct experience but is not written as an autobiography. Does this make it the camel outcome of a horse designed by a committee? We prefer to think of it as being more like a unicorn designed by a bunch of angels with business experience!

Although written as a novel, it tips more than a casual wink towards business applications by having an appendix which identifies the business and personal development aspects featured in each chapter, as relevant – as well has giving a whole raft of associated practical exercises which can be attempted, which underline and consolidate the thinking in the chapters.

The background

Having worked in a variety of business training and management development arenas while based in London and Brussels, Chris moved with his wife to spend several years in Wiltshire – a very special place in Britain which is steeped in ancient history, energies and levels of awareness. Because of this, Wiltshire has a magnetism which attracts a wide range of people from the UK and abroad, interested in openly studying these matters. And so it was that Chris met many wonderful souls who influenced his life dramatically – no special mentions are required …. they know who they are! Love and thanks to you all. The overall experience caused the author to have a fundamental reassessment of his key life goals. These have progressed to become a blending of holistic principles with an existing awareness of business best-practice – thus creating a model for a holistic way at work, which grows and evolves to this very day and beyond.

The e-book elaborates upon the way holistic thinking can be applied positively. It charts the beginning, not the end – developing these principles is certainly feasible. What Chris calls “Workplace Championing” is a way forward where people truly are treated as “our most important asset” and where a working atmosphere of co-operation and empowerment is encouraged and sustained from above. All that is required is an open, consistent and honest approach towards others.

For ease of reference, the particular skills and techniques which are described in some detail within the text are identified in the chapter contents section of the appendix. This should give you an idea of the range of “taster session skills” which are incorporated in the text – by all means feel empowered to look further into those which interest you. Equally, leave to one side any you’re not prepared to consider at the moment – they may become pertinent later, as your awareness blossoms. The activities section gives a degree of reinforcement and inter-activity for those readers who are motivated in this way. In this final appendix session relating to the e-book overall, you’ll find some additional practical exercises to try, which should help to further reinforce the message. These activities move the storyline on to a more developmental level – even allowing business employees to claim Continuing Professional Development credits, if that’s important to you. Otherwise, you can always just read the chapters, as an enjoyable and enlightening story!”

If you need further information, check out the Contents pages on the e-book itself, to give you a better idea of the overall scope covered (including the exercises at the end).



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