Workshops – for Sounding Skills and Team Development

These statements are written in the third person, in case you want to directly circulate the information to others who may be interested in the workshops.

Sounds Inspirational

Chris has a keen interest in all aspects of sound and has been inspired by a wide range of leading figures in the fields of both voice and sound therapy. As a result, he has developed a wide-ranging programme, combining his experience and knowledge of meditation and spiritual development, with his ability to draw the essential quality from a eclectic range of unusual instruments, both individually and in partnership with Jackie Winsor, as “Sounds Inspirational”.


1. Fun with Sound

As well as the co-operative use of musical and percussion instruments in the business-orientated “Working in Teams” workshop below, Chris also facilitates creative improvisation sessions, designed to encourage participants to explore their boundaries in a relaxed and informal environment. These are designed to be fun and require no previous formal music training. A full range of instruments is provided for the sessions.

2. Sound Baths

Chris and Jackie create an intensely-enjoyable experience for small groups, during which participants are enabled to relax and meditate whilst experiencing a “bath” of beautiful, improvised sound, using a range of pentatonic instruments, such as Freenotes, Sansula, North American Indian flute, as well as Chinese gong, glockenspiel & Tibetan bowls. This can last between 30 – 60 minutes and are built around a variety of themes. The session starts with a period of guided relaxation, to facilitate an atmosphere of deeper meditation.

The experience is both relaxing and inspirational… and in some cases, can be deeply transformational.

These sound activities can be provided separately or combined as a longer session, incorporating sound workshop activities.

Costs vary but are likely to be around £8 – 10 per person. Contact Chris to discuss details.

Business Workshops

Chris has had many years experience of running a range of conventional business training courses, including : Time Management; Written Communication; Effective Presentation; Training Design; Team Development and Supervisory Skills.

Currently, he has combined elements of these with his developed ideas of holistic “big picture” thinking (and his sound connection activities, where relevant) to offer three business –related one day workshops

1. Stress Management – going with the flow

This workshop combines elements of time management, effective communication and basic stress analysis with a range of relaxation activities including simple exercises & breathing, visualisation, self-massage/acupressure and meditation. By combining and inter-twining the conventional with the more “spiritual”, Chris facilitates a range of activities which delegates can add to their toolkit of strategies. They can subsequently apply these to limit and/or respond to any stressful situations in the workplace – or in life generally.

2. Working in Teams – in tune together

This workshop considers a range of techniques to encourage more co-operative working attitudes. As well as discussing and applying conventional methods such as group dynamics building, goal setting, leadership and communication skills, Chris interweaves several improvised musical activities during the day, working with the complete group and also in sub-groups. These activities involve simple instruments which anyone can play, regardless of whether they have had any formal musical experience. Chris will facilitate debriefing sessions which consider team development experiences gained through the group music playing exercises – and how these can be taken further.

3. Applying Spirituality in the Workplace

What is spirituality? Not any religion – it’s seen more as the application of altruistic and co-operative thinking, bringing aspects of respect, harmony and mutual assistance to the workplace. This workshop considers these elements – and their application – in a safe environment where applications can be discussed, goals set and potential blocks reviewed in context. This day of discussions (with some activity) is designed to facilitate positive thinking in groups who wish to review their ways of working and establish possible alternative and/or additional strategies. It also puts in place reference procedures to monitor and respond to progress, post-workshop.

Each of these workshops can be tailored to meet particular company needs and will be provided in-company, for a maximum of ten delegates. Call to discuss your requirements – and to receive more detailed Objectives & Programme for each.

Chris’s fee for facilitating these business workshops (and providing all the resources required) is currently (early 2014) – £600 per day plus agreed travelling (and accommodation, where relevant) expenses.

Shorter, half day business programmes, (based on the above), with two reduced sessions of the same programme running back-to-back in a single day, can be provided – after discussion to establish priorities and omissions. The same day rate and conditions apply – overall delegate numbers will of course potentially double, making this a very cost effective option.

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